Fireworks! – in the sky, not your self storage facility!
June 24, 2019

Not everyone is a rule follower, but the majority of us Americans are pretty against getting jail time. While you most likely have a lengthy section of the rental agreement detailing what can and cannot be stored at your facility, it’s still a smart idea to discuss these policies in the framework of fire safety. Fireworks, or any other kind of explosive or extremely flammable item should not be stored in a self-storage facility. Many states actually have laws against storing such items in a storage unit precisely for the fact that they make a fire an even more dangerous situation.

Maintenance May- Look Up! Roof & Lighting
May 16, 2019

Part of surviving the month of May for a Self-Storage business means buckling down on the spring cleaning and maintenance. Keeping your facility in tip-top shape doesn’t just provide curb appeal to attract more tenants, it also prevents expensive damage to your facility and potentially to your tenants’ property. Two of the major components that […]

Self-Storage Busy Season Survival Kit
February 25, 2019

Busy season for self-storage owners is no joke (even if our bad pun might be). Before April 1st, there are abandoned units to clear out, new tenants to sign, customer service inquiries to handle and a million other things to think about on a daily basis. The best way to survive the busy season and […]

Lipstick on a Pig and Other Self-Storage Renovation Mistakes to Avoid
September 24, 2018

A little facelift on the ol’ self-storage facility can go a long way, but many locations are so outdated that a coat of paint won’t do the trick you think it will. There are a few renovation mistakes we see owners fall into when trying to update their facility. In no particular order, here are […]

Protection Pete Says…
November 29, 2017

Protection Pete Says… For Pete’s sake, don’t wait!  See Tenant Property Protection’s latest ad on page 43 in the December 2017 issue of ISS magazine (Inside Self Storage). Pete Shows You the Way Let Protection Pete save you and your tenants the potential torture of tenant insurance and all the “other” nonsense it can entail.  […]

September 20, 2017

THE SECRET WEAPON   A Pleasant Surprise     I had the opportunity to present our Protection Plan to a prospective client last week and came away impressed with not only the owners and their vision but their “secret weapon”.   The Secret Weapon   In a city with mostly independently owned storage sites and […]

Response After Harvey And Irma
September 13, 2017

Response To Our Self-Storage Friends After Harvey And Irma   “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you”… “The greatest good is what we do for one another.” Mother Teresa   What response will you make in good times and bad times as a self-storage owner/operator […]

Captive Insurance Expert Richard Marshall Joins TPP Board of Directors
August 30, 2017

For Immediate Release Captive Insurance Expert Richard Marshall Joins Tenant Property Protection Board of Directors Marshall, with more than 30 years’ experience in captive insurance, will use his expertise to help guide TPP in its future plans and impending growth. PEORIA, Arizona – August 29, 2017 – Richard Marshall, a 30-year professional in the captive […]

Cash Found In Unclaimed Self Storage Unit
Treasures Unclaimed In Self Storage Units!
July 27, 2017

Interesting “Treasures” From our Founder   Treasures unclaimed fascinate me! I (Harry) found this cool article on MSN from I have been in Self Storage for 30 years and have imagined about all the million or so unopened, abandoned units and what could possibly be in them that would be rare and extremely valuable! Using […]

Protection Pete Has Arrived
Protection Pete To The Rescue!
July 19, 2017

THE MANAGER’S HERO! After sending out our brand new point of sale material, which included Protection Pete’s powerful poster and brochure, the response has been overwhelming!  Both were designed to prompt the prospective tenant to ask, ‘Who (what) is that?”,  which would then lead the manager into explaining our premium protection plan. It’s worked beautifully […]