Tenant Property Protection (TPP) introduces its Mobile Container Tenant Protection Program insured by Chubb Insurance.

mobile container

Why Do I Need Coverage?

Many people assume their Homeowners or Renter’s insurance policy covers their belongings during the moving process. But this is often not the case. Even if their items are covered by their policy, our TPP Mobile Container Protection Program is their best option for extra peace of mind. From the Storage Facility, in transit and to your new location. We’ve got you covered.

When you file directly with our claims department, your Homeowner insurance rates should not be affected. We don’t charge a deductible (which could be more than $1,000), and don’t pay on “actual cash value” or depreciated value. We pay replacement cost.

The 3 Phases of Coverage

1. Premium Protection Terms in effect while the Portable Storage Unit is being stored on the Owner’s property or warehouse
2. In Transit Protection Terms in effect when the Portable Storage Unit is being transported by the Owner or its employees/agents
3. On-Site Protection Plan while the Portable Storage Container is located on a Renter’s provided site, or in the Renter’s possession

Coverage & Pricing

We offer many levels of coverage, from $2,000 all the way up to $10,000, so you can find the level that fits your exact needs. The amount of coverage you choose is based on the valuation of your contents and a monthly fee will be added to your total rental charge.

Which Types of Losses Are Covered:

The TPP Mobile Container Plan covers loss or damage to Tenant’s property stored within the storage container identified up to the protection plan limit selected on the Tenant Responsibility Addendum for losses caused by the following: