September 20, 2017


Secret Weapon: How do you treat the employees entrusted with your tenants and valuable property? This New Mexico self-storage owners are doing it right!



A Pleasant Surprise  


I had the opportunity to present our Protection Plan to a prospective client last week and came away impressed with not only the owners and their vision but their “secret weapon”.


The Secret Weapon


In a city with mostly independently owned storage sites and few “big boys” sprinkled in, these owners stood out. It’s no accident their facilities are hovering around 100% because they’re doing everything right! They have good locations with large, beautifully built sites, but it’s their “secret weapon” that struck me. What is their “ secret weapon”?  They treat their managers the way you should treat someone who is entrusted with and is responsible for a $3 million dollar property and over 750 clients!


Investing in Your Investment


Not only do they pay an above average base salary and provide bonus opportunities, they also offer their managers ample time off. In fact, a manager told me that when they were hired, one of the owners said “We don’t tell you how much time to take off, just when you take too much”.  Managers are also given the ability to make executive decisions regarding their site, products and pricing. At their newest location, the owners built a balcony and installed a small lawn for the manager’s apartment so it would feel more like home. Very thoughtful and forward thinking!


We’ve Been Saying This for Years!


Chatting with the owners over dinner, I told them how much the managers cared for them and, in fact, one of them told me “we love our owners”. Their response was — if you want the best people to run your stores, you need to not only pay for the best but give them real managerial power. That is exactly what Tenant Property Protection has been encouraging since our inception.


Don’t be Deceived


Of course I touted the superiority of TPP’s Protection Plan versus a tenant insurance program. When I informed them their State is one that requires a full insurance producers license to sell their tenant insurance program, they were very surprised and angry.  They had not been told about this State insurance license requirement!


Naturally, we hope they will select TPP’s Protection Plan for their facilities, but it would be equally as exciting to see their “secret weapon” take off industry-wide!


To find out more about our Protection Plan and avoid tenant insurance State licensing requirements, call Tenant Property Protection at 877.575.7774.


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