Meet Protection Pete!

When the crooks and con-artists of the Tenant Insurance industry were at their worst, one hero stepped forward.

protection pete

It’s Not Just Better Than Insurance, It’s Smarter.

When some tenant insurance providers omitted important facts about the rules and regulations regarding the sale of tenant insurance, such as being licensed, possibly attending classes, being fingerprinted, submitting to a background check and even the extra expense of purchasing errors and omissions coverage, one courageous soul said “enough!”

When all a tenant was interested in was “protecting my assets … protection of my furniture, appliances, etc.”, and a few of the shadiest players threw down the gauntlet of regulations which could have left storage tenants at the mercy of exclusions like “other insurance” nonsense one voice rose above the rest.

Protection Pete was there to set the record straight about protecting self storage tenants! When tenants entrust possessions to self storage, life should go on without hassles or worries.

Seeking nothing but truth and justice, asking for nothing in return, Protection Pete is relentlessly working to save the self storage world from the tenant insurance industry’s most misleading marketers. And when some insurance companies and owner/operators tried to confuse tenants with so-called “Customer Protection Plans” that were just the same, tired, tenant, self storage with a new name, Protection Pete exposed the sham and saved countless people from falling into the notorious insurance trap.