RV Park ‘n’ Protect™

Tenant Property Protection® (TPP) introduces RV Park ‘n’ Protect™ (RVPARK) Program insured by Lloyds of London Insurance.

Why Do I Need Coverage?

RV and boat ownership is booming in the United States and old stereotypes are dying. The image of your crazy Cousin Eddie with his rolling rust bucket leaving trails of waste and lost parts is giving way to an entirely new picture – the six-figure castle on wheels.

For many owners of these high-priced vehicles, offsite parking options with safe and affordable choices are severely limited. More than 23,000 businesses participate in the RV industry…. including the storage industry. Self Storage owners/operators are perfectly positioned to meet this exploding consumer demand for space. The call for comprehensive, reasonably priced on-site protection for these big toys is another matter entirely.

Coverage and Pricing

We offer several pricing options so you can find a level that fits your exact needs based on the valuation of your vehicle property.

What Types of Losses are Covered?

RVPARK is a deductible reimbursement plan that can sometimes eliminate the hefty out-of-pocket deductibles incurred when tenants use their expensive RV and boat insurance to submit a claim. The RVPARK plan covers loss or damage to the tenant’s property being stored caused by the following:


RV Park n Protect

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