We took a good idea and made it great.

It was the beginning of the end of “tenant insurance.”

Tenant Property Protection® took a good idea and made it great!
“We Care About What You Value Most”

Tenant Property Protection® (TPP) saw an opportunity in 2009 to create a product that eliminated the headaches, confusion, and most important, the state insurance licensing requirements for selling tenant “insurance”. TPP offers a tenant protection program for Owner/Operators to protect, profit, and safeguard their reputation.

This fundamental element was not created in a vacuum. This vision flowed out of the expertise of our owner whose objective was to partner with the best self-storage industry experts, Owners, Operators, and Managers to provide a winning situation for them and their tenants. TPP’s vision is continually expanding through experiences and future opportunities for a sound investment, association, and reinsurance environment. The focus was and continually is placed on quality protection programs for both secure units, outdoor parking spaces and now even mobile container protection highlighted with quality service, marketing, training, owner/operator revenue and social media advertising.

Owners/Operators that partner with TPP can provide a unique, one-of-a-kind program with no up-front investment. From day one, an Owner/Operator can offer our “best in business” protection plans for tenants who store their valuable property in a secured unit. When the unexpected happens, our “white-glove” service provides what the owner loves – quick turn-around claim service with replacement cost (not depreciated cash value).

In 2020, Tenant Property Protection® created the industry’s first to market RV Protection Program, RV Park ‘n’ Protect™ (formerly RV Gap Coverage) for stored recreational vehicles. This plan will ease the burden of out-of-pocket deductibles or costs of minor on-site accidents or theft, plus limited content coverage incurred when submitting an insurance claim.

New in 2023 is the introduction to our new TPP Mobile Container Protection Plan. Mobile containers used for moving and storage will now have added content protection for on-site and in transit. Give us a call to learn more about it.

What else would you expect from a company that was created by Self-Storage industry veterans? We know the challenges you face striving to be known as “my city’s #1 self-storage facility” and we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us. We would love to show you how, with Tenant Property Protection®, Owners, Operators, Managers, and Tenants’ win.

Tenant Property Protection® is the highest-quality tenant property protection provider in our industry, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure the level of service to our customers and the tenant is unmatched in the industry.