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Self-Storage for Seasonal Business
February 1, 2024

Some companies are evergreen, with consistent business modeling throughout the year, with some variety during the holiday season. Some businesses are seasonal, with fluctuations and varied services and products, depending on the time of year and location of the business. Self-storage is often utilized in commercial storage, helping small businesses and corporate entities alike. Using […]

The Benefits of Partnering with Tenant Property Protection®
January 3, 2024

As a self-storage facility operator, your business involves storing people’s belongings. Insurance is necessary whenever ownership of those belongings changes hands. However, most insurance programs require a time-consuming and complex process to qualify, including background checks, classes, fingerprinting, and expensive licensing. There is a lot of fine print that limits the coverage provided, requiring you […]

The Advantages of Self-Storage During the Holidays
December 4, 2023

The practical applications of self-storage by tenants are just as varied as the tenants themselves. As you own and operate a storage facility, you serve a myriad of customers needing to store: families storing furniture during a downsize, avid collectors keeping mementos safe, car enthusiasts who keep their hotrod parked to tinker with, or customers […]

What Not to Store in Self-Storage: Protecting Against Lithium-Ion Battery Risks
November 3, 2023

There are a lot of things you can store inside a self-storage unit, and individuals and businesses utilize it for a myriad of reasons. It is ideal for downsizing, as you can keep the things you value while making space at home to live. Small seasonal businesses can keep equipment and inventory in a safe […]

Don’t Sell Insurance for Your Self-Storage Facility
October 4, 2023

As a self-storage owner and operator, you are probably already familiar with tenant insurance for storage units. You may even have the licensing to sell this insurance at your facility as a way for tenants to purchase protection for their belongings. Before you tack that additional tenant insurance onto your monthly bill for your self-storage […]

Preparing for Disaster
September 5, 2023

They say to be prepared for when disaster strikes, but did you know that your tenants can utilize self-storage to help them be prepared? As a storage facility owner, your customers want one thing and that is protection for their belongings. When a natural disaster or accident happens, you want to ensure your tenants have […]

Actual Cash Value vs Replacement Costs: Breaking Down a Property Protection Plan
August 7, 2023

Getting into the nitty gritty of tenant insurance can be tedious. With so many policies offering different kinds of plans, it can be hard to break down the details. When it comes to protecting your property, especially when it comes to self-storage, it pays to know the differences between replacement costs from a property protection […]

Post-Pandemic Staffing Issues in Self Storage: Should Your Facility Become Fully Automated?
June 3, 2023

With technological advances on the rise, more and more self storage facilities are opting to run their operations with little to no staff. This trend of automated facilities has its perks. For one, there’s less overhead and less training. With fewer people passing around important documents and information, fewer things would be lost in the […]

The Importance of Tenants Keeping Track of Inventory
May 3, 2023

Keeping track of all of the items in a storage unit will help your tenants in many ways. Whether they are a small business owner trying to start a company or someone who likes to keep collections in storage, it is best to keep up with everything. It is also imperative to track all of […]

Automated Self-Storage Facilities and Property Protection
April 2, 2023

Technology is an incredible facet of the human experience that has the potential to enhance our lives in ways we could never imagine. We live in an era of human history in which people can instantly communicate across the world via video chat. Food and household items are delivered to our homes by a simple […]