What’s Your Main Goal?

A) Maximizing Revenue  
B) Protecting Your Tenants
 C) Protecting Your Managers
 D) Protecting Your Reputation

E) All of the Above

Earn As Much As You Want To Sell!

Tenant Property Protection® is not just better, it’s smarter.

No state insurance licensing required

Earn as much as you want to sell

Available in all 50 states

Replacement cost – no deductible

Quick claim settlement target

Live, on-line training

Easy administration

Compatible with industry software

With Tenant Property Protection® we make it easy for you, as a self storage owner, to add real value to your business. Training is online. Just log-in, learn the best ways to sell, and you’re on your way. It’s that simple. No errors/omissions insurance required. Claims can be submitted online at www.tppclaims.com to make the entire process virtually seamless.

Since 2009, Tenant Property Protection® Plans have been helping owners/operators and managers of self storage facilities protect just about anything a tenant using self storage might store. It’s simple. Profitable. And ready to cover almost any loss your tenant might experience.

Sign up with TPP and say, “R.I.P. Insurance!”



Tenant Advantages:

Tenant Property Protection® eliminates all of the headaches, hassles, paperwork and broken promises of tenant insurance claims.

What do we cover?

Loss or damage may be caused by, but not necessarily limited to:

We also recommend each tenant maintain and provide a list of inventory records and documentation to establish a base line of stored property in the event of a loss. We have created a web application tool to easily upload all documentation.