May 3, 2024

Preparing for Emergencies at Your Storage Facility

Although it is not something we like to think about, having contingency plans for when things go wrong is not only smart but it is necessary. You don’t want to be caught out in the rain without an umbrella, so having solutions for challenges that arise is your best bet.

Preparing for emergencies is crucial for any storage facility owner to ensure the safety of their customers, employees, and property. Let us consider the types of emergencies you can plan for and how your storage facility is prepared in case of disaster.

Assess the Risks
Are you in an area that has a lot of flooding or fires? Are you near a coastal zone or are you in the Midwest where tornados reign? Depending on where you and your businesses are, there are a lot of factors in assessing risk.

Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities specific to your facility. This can include natural disasters or human-caused emergencies such as chemical spills or security breaches. The location of your company is going to determine what kind of incidents you should be prepared for.

Develop an Emergency Response Plan
A proper response requires proper planning. Develop a detailed emergency response plan tailored to the identified risks. This plan should outline specific procedures to follow in various emergency scenarios, including evacuation routes, communication protocols, and designated assembly points. An emergency response plan will not only prepare you for incidents but will also allow you to think clearly and react quickly. A quick reaction will prevent a lot of damage and time from being lost.

Offer Training and Education
Ensure that all employees are properly trained in emergency procedures and protocols. Conduct regular drills and training exercises to familiarize staff with proper responses to different types of emergencies. Training on fire extinguishers, first aid techniques, and other relevant skills will go a long way in ensuring smooth operations during an emergency.

Implement Communication Systems
Establish reliable communication systems to quickly alert employees, customers, and emergency services in the event of an emergency. This may include installing emergency notification systems, maintaining updated contact lists, and establishing backup communication methods in case of network failures. Keeping your social media active and posting alerts as they happen is a good way to communicate protocols, outages, or any closing.

Enhance Security Measures
Implement security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the facility and mitigate the risk of theft, vandalism, or sabotage. This can include installing surveillance cameras, perimeter fencing, access control systems, and employing security personnel. Make upgrades as needed and make sure you understand all the technology utilized so you have a good handle on your systems.

Stock Up On Emergency Supplies and Equipment
Stockpile emergency supplies and equipment such as first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, fire extinguishers, and emergency generators. Regularly monitor and rotate these supplies, making them easily accessible and regularly maintained to ensure functionality when needed.

Collaborate with Emergency Services
Establish partnerships with local emergency services, such as fire departments, police departments, and medical facilities. Coordinate with these agencies to develop mutual aid agreements and ensure a coordinated response in the event of a large-scale emergency.

Purchase Property Protection
Tenant Property Protection® offers property protection plans to cover the costs of unexpected incidents. Taking proactive steps to prepare for different types of emergencies will help mitigate risks and protect the safety of everyone involved. As the Inside Self Storage Best of Business winner for the past 6 years, Tenant Property Protection® takes care of the rest by giving you and your tenants the peace of mind sought after. Learn more about how you can get started selling protection plans without the hassle of licensing and background checks. Start today by contacting us right away.