October 4, 2023

Don’t Sell Insurance for Your Self-Storage Facility

As a self-storage owner and operator, you are probably already familiar with tenant insurance for storage units. You may even have the licensing to sell this insurance at your facility as a way for tenants to purchase protection for their belongings.

Before you tack that additional tenant insurance onto your monthly bill for your self-storage unit, you might want to consider purchasing property protection through us rather than dealing with the usual hassle of regular tenant insurance.

Partner with Tenant Property Protection® and Offer Up A Property Protection Plan, which:
Doesn’t Require Special Licensing
At TPP, there are no hoops to jump through to get started. With no background checks, no fingerprinting, and no licensing, integrating TPP with your facility is convenient. Most states require licensing to sell insurance, which you would ultimately have to pay for. Cutting through all this red tape, TPP is the third route for an already perilous journey into insurance premiums and coverage costs.

Is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Tenant Insurance
A property protection plan is more cost-effective than renters’ or homeowners’ insurance. Traditional insurance claims pass the costs onto the tenant through the premiums. However, with price hikes and technicalities, your tenants and you will be shouldering the extra expense.

A tenant protection plan not only covers the replacement costs of any damaged items, but it does so for an affordable monthly fee. This undercuts the exorbitant costs of traditional insurance.

Covers More Incidents That Occur While in Storage
Planning for the unexpected is a tricky venture. You can’t plan for every disaster and things can go wrong very easily. With traditional insurance coverage, depending on your policy, most of your items in storage are vulnerable to incidents. Some policies will limit the amount of coverage for a storage unit, or they might not cover anything at all.

Has an Easy Claims Process You Can Outsource
Processing claims is simple. At least, it is when you file a claim with Tenant Property Protection®. Customer service is available 24/7, and you and your tenants become whole after an incident within 72 hours. The whole point of our business model is to be superior to traditional insurance.

Tenant Property Protection® was created out of the idea that tenant protection for their property in storage should be better. TPP doesn’t have the same limitations as tenant insurance because we provide more than just property protection. We provide peace of mind. That’s why the team here at TPP has got you covered. Contact us today to begin.