Self-Storage Busy Season Survival Kit
February 25, 2019

Busy season for self-storage owners is no joke (even if our bad pun might be). Before April 1st, there are abandoned units to clear out, new tenants to sign, customer service inquiries to handle and a million other things to think about on a daily basis. The best way to survive the busy season and […]

Would You Rather? Tenant Property Protection vs. Insurance plans
October 15, 2018

Who loves Insurance (besides Flo?) Selling tenant insurance is kind of a cringe moment for many managers. So much so that they may even gloss over it and just hand tenants the paper with a checkbox ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and not say a word. It’s not the selling point you’d hoped it would be, and […]

Website for TPP is NEW!
April 5, 2017

NEW Tenant Property Protection Website Design The new website at has the team at TPP proud and excited about our future direction! On this new site, check out our: Educational blogs Videos Case studies/White papers Testimonials Plus, meet Protection Pete! Also, come by and check us out at the 2017 Inside Self Storage World Expo […]