September 5, 2023

Preparing for Disaster

They say to be prepared for when disaster strikes, but did you know that your tenants can utilize self-storage to help them be prepared? As a storage facility owner, your customers want one thing and that is protection for their belongings. When a natural disaster or accident happens, you want to ensure your tenants have a plan for emergency disaster preparation. It is essential to protect themselves and their possessions.

One smart option for you to capitalize on is to encourage your tenants to use your self-storage facility, which provides a secure and safe place to store items in the event of the unexpected.

Find a Facility
When selecting a self-storage facility, customers look for one that is up-to-date on safety and security measures. You want to highlight to your customer base that your facility has good lighting, a secure gate, and an alarm system. If you are able, promote other imperative features such as climate control and waterproofing, as these can help keep items safe from the elements.

You should also be offering insurance for tenants. We suggest working with us here at Tenant Property Protection® to provide affordable property protection plans to your tenants for low monthly rates added onto their storage rental. We cut through the red tape of traditional insurance and provide coverage that will bring in additional revenue for you and make your customers happy.

Pack Precisely
Instruct your tenants to pack their items carefully to protect them. Urge your patrons to wrap any fragile items in packing paper and use boxes that are sturdy and sealed well. Plastic containers with airtight lids are the best storage measure your customers can purchase. Pallets are a great method of keeping boxes and furniture off the ground directly, which will prevent a lot of damage through this simple prep. Prompt your tenants to label the boxes and keep an inventory of what is inside, either written or online. This will come in handy as a quick and easy reference should your tenants need to retrieve something.

Organize Efficiently
It is also essential to keep items organized while they are in storage. Promote using clear plastic bins to store items, as these are easy to stack and label. Your tenants can also use a labeling system such as color coding or numbering to easily identify items. There are also heavy-duty shelving or storage racks for things that need to be easily accessible and sold at most home improvement stores.

Realize Recovery
In addition to using self-storage for emergency disaster preparation, it can also be used as a way to keep salvaged items after a natural disaster. Your facility offering secure, airtight storage units that are perfect for storing items damaged by water or fire is exactly what people look for when recuperating after a major event. Your facility is perfect for storing items that have been salvaged from a natural disaster, such as furniture, artwork, or electronics.

When utilizing self-storage for emergency disaster preparation and salvaged items, it is important for your tenants to take the necessary precautions to ensure their items remain safe. With Tenant Property Protection®, take self-storage to the next step by giving your customers what they most need during trying times: peace of mind. Find out how you can offer your tenants protection plans that are simple, effective, and can save both of you time and money.