February 3, 2023

What Tenants Should to Know Before Renting a Self Storage Unit

Before settling into a self storage unit, there are some things tenants need to know before doing so. Here at Tenant Property Protection®, we’re all about protecting precious possessions. Although you can’t plan for every disaster and mishap that can happen, you can buffer the impact by taking steps to ensure your belongings are as safe as possible.

As a self storage facility owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. Although you provide an imperative service for your community, your tenants must be responsible when it comes to storing their belongings most optimally. 

You should remind your tenants of some things before they rent a self storage unit from you. This will ensure that you and your tenants are as thoroughly prepared as possible.

Record Inventory

Encourage your tenants to make a record of their belongings. They should have a running list of what is stored inside the unit, ideally with photos to back up claims. Encourage your tenants to organize their belongings by using boxes with labels. Ensure they are also taking precautions, such as wrapping precious items in soft materials.

Equip Your Storage Unit with Preventative Measures

The type of items tenants choose to store will determine what type of storage unit they will need. For instance, should your tenant store valuable furniture items, using a climate-controlled storage unit will prevent any damage to the furniture being stored in an uncertain environment which can lead to warping and damage.

The use of pallets to keep boxes and antiques off the floor will go a long way in added prevention. Check the more fragile items regularly and make sure they have been cleaned before being stored.

If you sell locks at your location, you have already made sure those locks are compatible with your facility. Tenants who insist on using their own locks should be assured that the locks are also effective at your facility, and you should encourage them to use durable locks.

Purchase a Property Protection Plan from TPP

Prompt your tenants to purchase property protection from Tenant Property Protection®. It’s not an insurance plan, it’s a property protection plan. TPP is leading the industry in self storage for affordable coverage of items kept in storage. There are lots of advantages from TPP that you won’t find with traditional insurance. With no deductible and a guarantee of replacement costs on your items, TPP is even better than insurance.

As a facility operator, you are not required to take classes for arbitrary licensing. Since our tech is compatible with industry software, setting up and maintaining will only benefit your business. Here are some other great features you can expect from a property protection provider like TPP.

  • No Insurance Licensing Required
  • Earn As Much As You Want
  • Replacement Cost – No Deductible
  • Live Online Training
  • 72-Hour Claims Target
  • Available In All 50 States
  • Compatible With Industry Software
  • Easy Administration

At TPP, we’ve got you covered. You need affordable options when it comes to insuring your belongings. Regular insurance providers won’t cover your items stored in a storage unit, and those that do, can’t guarantee a replacement cost if your belongings are stolen or damaged. A Property Protection Plan from Tenant Property Protection® is more flexible and we will work with you to replace your precious possessions should the occasion ever arise.

Get in touch with us today to see how easy it is to get started.