November 18, 2019

Self-Storage Managers | An Open Thank You Letter

Dear self storage manager,

Being the hands and feet of a self storage business is no easy task. Owners are often absent by necessity, tenants require attention, papers need filing, repairs need addressing. And then there’s maintenance, emails, phone calls, and so much more. You are the frontline of self storage. You are the unsung hero keeping an entire industry afloat with your excellent customer service,

So this one’s for you;
May your daily to-do list become manageable.
May the holidays bring out the best in you and your tenants.
May the ups and downs of daily management weight on the up-side.
May your coffee cup remain full and hot.
May you sleep well every night.
May you have an incident-free year ahead.
May the stress be healthy and the meal-break too.
May pests, and mold, and rainwater and burglars be far from you.
May your facility be full to the brim, and your heart as well.

Thank you, for everything you do.
Thank you for working overtime and late nights and on-call.
Thank you for handling the tumulous world of self storage.
Thank you for your energy and attention
Thank you for working hard and late, even when it seems no-one notices.
Thank you for your diligence.
Thank you for worrying about your facility and tenants like they’re home and family.
Thank you for keeping track of all the little things.
Thank you for being welcoming and warm even when it’s hard.

Thank you. From all of us at Tenant Property Protection. You do all this and so much more. You are incredible and the work you do is so important, not just for the business, but also for the tenants, their families, and their peace of mind.
Happy Thanksgiving. – three guesses what we’re thankful for and the first three don’t count.