November 4, 2019

Reflections | 5 Ways We Achieved Our ‘Best of Business’ Goal

For the second year in a row, our team earned the ISS Best of Business Best Tenant Protection program. We are humbled and incredibly grateful for this honor. We couldn’t have done it without the support we’ve received from our clients, social media followers, and partners. So here’s what sets us apart from the industry and how we plan to make it a 3-year streak next year.

Best of Business – Integrity

The most important reason for a company like ours to earn the title of Best of Business is for the highest level of integrity. Our business practices, internal rules, and individual work ethics have been held to the highest standard. We’re committed to keeping our work honest and high quality at all times. If we learn of a mistake we may have made, we’ll own it and fix it. When we find something we can do that will make our client’s lives easier, we commit to making it happen. We’ve found that the best policy is to do what’s right. Always!

Best Partners

With partners like Janus and Michaels Wilder, we can provide the complete package for self storage. High-quality products make the likelihood of some claims much lower, which is a win all around. Janus provides some of the best products for self storage facilities, products that are high quality and secure. 


Great digital marketing can take your occupancy rates up, and help your reputation. Our long-standing partners at Michaels Wilder are exactly the kind of people you want to back you up. From leads to reputation management, to social media, they’ve got the kind of turn-key digital marketing package you’ve been dreaming of. Their marketing and support of our team is a huge reason behind our success as a business and in earning the title of ‘best’ for two years back to back.

Best Plan Options

There are two ways to make a profit or make EVEN more profit from selling our plans. You can maximize your managers’ sales skills and our easy-as-pie online training and offer our plans as optional. If you want to make a bit more profit you can include our plans as lease compliant. This option means your tenants automatically opt-in  TPP unless they can provide proof of alternate coverage. Not only does the lease compliant option provide more profit, it’s also the safest plan for your tenants. They receive coverage built into the price of their unit so they don’t feel like they’re paying extra, and they get the best program in the business.

Best Team

We would not be the best if it weren’t for our team. From sales to marketing, to claims, we’ve got the best people on our team. If you haven’t yet, you’ll want to hear our story and meet our team. On an individual level, each team member is dedicated to doing their best every day and upholding the highest standards of professionalism. 

Best Manager Training

The training we provide to managers on our team isn’t just easy to access, we make it as easy as possible to learn. We care deeply about our managers and are always looking for ways to treat them well. They are the front lines for your facility and the backbone of our success. We’ve always made a point to make them feel as special as they are. If your manager isn’t already signed up for our President’s Club, we highly encourage you to enter them. We’ve got some amazing prizes coming up in March and we’d hate to see anyone miss out.

Thank you

The bottom line is, we are thankful for everyone who contributed to our success this past year and every year prior. Being the best doesn’t happen overnight. Being the best doesn’t happen alone. Your support, hard-work, and partnership mean the world to us. We promise to continue to live up to our title and provide the best plans in the business as long as possible.