Self-Storage Litigation Scare
October 21, 2019

Fire! Anger. Litigation. Loss.   Michael looked over at his computer, reading details and confirming he typed everything right.  “Okay, you’re all set for our small unit. That’s going to be 4-24B. You’ll need to bring your own lock, or we have some available to purchase over on that wall. Any questions?” “No, I’m all […]

Fright night | Taking the fear out of sales
October 1, 2019

Public speaking 😱 heights 😱 sales 😱. If you have a fear of one of these, you’re right alongside the majority of us. Fear can be paralyzing, especially when it’s not the primary title in your job description. For many Self-Storage managers, fear of sales may be causing them to leave money on the table. […]