Damaged Goods | Managing Rodents and Pests at Your Facility
September 18, 2019

Some people keep rats for pets. Others desperately try to keep their storage facility clear of rodents of any kind. Whether you’re hiring pest control or keeping rat-atouille in a cage, here’s how you (and your tenants) can keep the ‘pesky pests’ from destroying your tenants’ property. Pesky Pests When we say pesky pests there’s […]

Thief’s the thing | Dealing with Burglars at your Self Storage facility
September 4, 2019

What kind of kleptomaniac can resist a row of buildings full of stuff? Judging by the amount of burglary and attempted burglary that occurs in self-storage they might as well have a bullseye painted across those garage doors. So how do you, and your tenants, avoid being victims? We’ve got you covered: Inside the mind […]