August 27, 2018

Why Tenants Turn to Self-Storage & What You Can Do

Why Tenants Rent

When tenants start shopping for a self-storage unit to store their belongings they’re usually there due to change. They’re renovating, moving, they’ve experienced a loss in the family, they’re constantly traveling, they’re bursting at the seams, retired, divorced… the list goes on. You may notice there’s a recurring theme. All of these changes are typically a highly emotional time in life. Renting a storage unit is the result of a stressful, emotional experience. Now, these are not the only reasons tenants rent, but they are the primary reasons.

Tenants’ emotional state

Think about this scenario (after you get a box of tissues): You’ve just lost a parent. You’re driving a long road in the middle of nowhere eyes still raw with grief and mind still clouded by the various arrangements you’ve been handling. You pull into a building surrounded by rows and rows of garage doors. As you step out of your car an into the air-conditioned office you’re 


greeted by the facility manager asking you how she can help. You explain that you’re clearing out your parents home and will need to store some of their belongings for a while you sort out their affairs.

The manager begins discussing the rental with you. Details like the unit size and temperature control are decided on, then the manager asks you if you will be purchasing insurance as you’ve mentioned several expensive items that will need to be stored. “Ugh, I have enough headaches, we will just have to risk it. Insurance never seems to be able to cover what they say they will anyway.” You say, and the conversation is over.

-or- Imagine instead she offers you a protection plan. She explains it’s different because it’s more like a warranty where if something happens you get the money you need to replace your items within 72 hours. It’s easy, fast, and you can trust TPP to get you taken care of. One less thing to worry about. Relieved you thank her for the offer and sign up for the appropriate level of protection…

Your impact

Offering your tenants Tenant Property Protection plans is one of the easiest ways to show them you care. You can stand out against your competition as having managers with excellentcustomer service because they show they care. You’re looking out for your tenants by providing a great place to store their property and protecting their property while it’s outside of their home!

Fill out a comparison form today, find out how much you can help your tenants, and earn a little extra yourself, when you offer Tenant Property Protection at your facility!