August 8, 2018

Tenant Property Protection Plan | Simplicity of the Sale

Protection Plan vs. Insurance

When people rent a storage unit they are usually there due to a life changing event. A death, a new house, a new job, wherever they are. So they can be very stressed out when they get to your Self-Storage facility. So when a manager is talking to them about rules and regs of the site and they are renting their unit, for them to get into a discussion about insurance, it could make them a little more anxious. ‘I need insurance?’ On the other hand, our managers take them down another road. They introduce it as: “We have a little protection plan here. Basically it offers you some protection before you move into your new house.”

Why owners love it

So what is the benefit for self-storage owners? In four words: It is super easy. From an administrative standpoint, Tenant Property Protection is the easiest programs to operate, in protection plans. From a manager’s sales standpoint, they simply make the offer to the tenant customer that they have a protection plan available. They need not worry about going into a lot of specifics regarding insurance language they don’t know because they are not properly trained. So we avoid all that hassle.

Why Tenants love it

As we mentioned above, when a new tenant walks into your facility they are most likely in an already tense situation from a huge life change and the ease of knowing their property is protected in a simple easy way fosters an even better relationship between your facility and your tenants.

How we make it easy

From managers, to owners, to tenants, everyone loves Tenant Property Protection because we make it easy. It’s easy to set up, we help you through the process to implement and have a target setup time of 72 hours. We make memorable, high quality sales materials you can hand out to potential tenants so they not only remember to sign up for TPP but remember what was so great about your facility! Should the worst happen we handle claims faster than just about anybody in the business. Our claim lines are available 24/7 and our staff give the best experience. Your manager hardly has to lift a finger to set up the program, sell the plans, or handle claims. We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Give us a call

There’s a reason our Tenant Property Protection Program was rated “Best Tenant Protection Program” in ISS’s Reader’s Choice this year. We unseated a long standing protection plan because we constantly strive to be the best. We provide the easiest setup, the best service, and the easiest sale. Give our team a call and find out how much you could start earning with TPP at your facility!