May 30, 2018

Self-Storage Tenant Tips Month | The Ultimate Moving Guide Part 1

It’s Moving Time

The summer months are the most common months for people to move. Starting with graduations mid-May petering out at the end of the summer break in August and September. We see fairer weather and educational transitions causing many to pack up and leave. For Self-Storage owners, this is known as the busy season. Moving your stuff means finding a temporary place to hold it while you establish your new home. It could also mean downsizing without throwing things out. Both situations call for a place to put your stuff and renting a self-storage unit is a convenient way to handle moving time.

As a self-storage owner,  how can you help your tenants make the most out of their big move and the storage unit they’ll be renting? You share this guide. We’ve curated several ideas on the big move from what to buy to how to get help, it’s all here for you and your tenants!

What to buy

There are a few essential items to buy when you know the move is coming. Here is our list of absolute essentials every mover will want to have:

Plastic Containers-

Airtight, watertight plastic containers are best for storing delicate items susceptible to damage. This is where you will pack important or memorable paperwork, knick-knacks, decor items, electronics, as well as anything expensive you want to keep safe and dry.


This is for the rest of the items. Kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, less valuable knick-knacks and decor items.


You can’t close a box without it, and it can be used to replace item 4 below in a pinch, plus it’s a great way to ensure nothing has been opened before unpacking.

Label Maker or Label Stickers-

Knowing what’s in what box will speed up the unpacking process and help if you have to stop along the way and grab an item you didn’t think you’d need. Some way of labeling boxes either generally with a master list of the specific items kept elsewhere is a great way to keep the chaos of ‘WHERE IS IT?” at bay.

Packing paper-

Protect your property. Wrap your valuables in packing materials to give them space and cushion to prevent breakage.

Specialty packing dividers-

This is for those rare items or awkward items that require special packing. Grandma’s wine glasses she passed down, teacups, Christmas decorations, the TV. Make sure you have a way to pack the unique items so they stay protected during transportation and storage.

Trash bags-

When decluttering before the move you’ll need these to throw things out. You can also use trash bags to separate and organize items in boxes if several categories end up in the same space. These can also be used to wrap clothing in by type. Cut a small hole in the bottom and push a handful of hangers through the hole, tie off the strings at the bottom and your clothes have an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Wardrobe box-

A wardrobe box is a special box built with a hanging bar and enough space for a small closet. This is less of a necessity for some but for those with business attire, pack it properly for a wrinkle and dust free move. A wardrobe box where everything can stay on its hanger and in the dry-cleaning bag is the best way.


These are necessities for long-term storage or anyone planning to rent a storage unit during the move. You can find them for free outside of some businesses (or on craigslist). They will elevate your boxes off the ground helping prevent damage should rodents, pests, or water make it into the storage unit.

Disposable dishes-

During a move you’re not going to want to do dishes, you’ll be packing them away! A set of disposable dishes and utensils will be necessary for packing up and unpacking days.


Want more tips? Part 2 is coming your way in a couple of weeks!