September 28, 2017

Protection Pete Has a Home!

Protection Pete Has a Home!

Protection Pete’s mission: Protect owners, operators, managers, and tenants from misleading omitted facts, and lies tenant “insurance” providers may use!After months of people asking, ‘Why doesn’t Protection Pete have his own website?’, he finally does!


Pete is a Hit!

Since day one of Pete’s debut on Tenant Property Protection’s point of sale materials, owners, managers and even some tenants have heaped praise on him. His clean, colorful countertop brochures and posters found in self-storage offices across America are so striking, managers are asking for MORE.  One manager requested 4 so he could have all four walls in his office covered! And tenants love Pete too. One tenant who had stored at a facility in Florida and moved to Oklahoma came to a facility clutching one of Pete’s brochures. Unfortunately, when she asked if she could purchase Pete’s Protection Plan, it wasn’t available at that particular location as the site did not conform to Pete’s underwriting guidelines.


Pete Is Here to Educate and Protect


Pete’s mission is to protect from misleading and/or omitted facts, and the all too frequent outright lies that some tenant “insurance” providers have tried to push on owners, operators, managers, and their tenants!  Some insurance providers may not tell you, that in order to sell tenant “insurance”, ALL states require either a limited license or a full producers license. In some cases, even though it’s clearly stated in their insurance policy, the owner has not been made aware there is either a deductible and/or “other insurance” clause. This onerous “other insurance” clause puts the burden on the tenant to deal with any other insurance they might have before seeking compensation on the policy they were sold at your facility. Not a good surprise at claim time! If your tenant insurance provider did not make you aware of this clause, you or your manager could be put in a very uncomfortable position.


Pete Says “Buyer Beware!”


Pete knows your tenant is expecting to “get what they paid for” and that is only right. The last thing an owner or manager needs is an irate tenant going viral on social media for being misled about what they were sold. With Tenant Property Protection’s plan, your tenant WILL get what they paid for and they certainly won’t get a run-around!  With TPP, there is NO deductible and NO “other insurance” clause.  Pete recommends that your goal should be to protect as many of your tenants as possible with TPP’s Protection Plan. When the unexpected happens, TPP takes care of your tenant quickly and gives them the value they were expecting.  Happy tenant – No bad social media for you, your manager or your business!


Check Pete’s “factoids” frequently and stay informed!, visit us at or call 877-575-7774 to start protecting YOUR tenants today!


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