August 10, 2017

Time to Evaluate Your Self Storage Protection Plan!

Firefighters work all night to contain the loss from a fire at self storage site in Portland Oregon.

Time to Evaluate Your Self Storage Protection Plan!

One in eleven households in the United States rents a self-storage unit each year. This represents approximately 10% of all US homes and every year this number is increasing. As more Americans utilize self-storage each person must be informed of the importance of protecting their stored assets and belongings.

A Real Loss!

These videos tell the story of a tremendous loss to a tenant in Salem, Virginia. This report could have been different for this tenant who lost so much. For only a few dollars, a Protection Plan is an inexpensive and easy solution to protect the tenant and their stored property from the monetary loss and pain caused by catastrophes. The following videos are a reminder for self-storage owners, operators, and managers of the importance of having each of your tenants protected by Tenant Property Protection.

News Channel Video #1

News Channel Video #2

News Channel Video #3

The Solution – A Property Protection Plan

The primary news source, WSLS, provided a timely follow-up video about the importance of tenants obtaining “protection” for one’s self-storage belongings. “If the stuff is worth storing, then it’s worth a little extra to have it insured”, said Andrea Minnick, General Manager for Virginia Varsity Self Storage. She said, “We do our best to prevent a tragedy like that, but bad stuff happens and we just really hope that our customers pay attention to the insurance and if they don’t have ours, that they do have another form of coverage.”

A simple solution is available for as little as $8 per month. Tenant Property Protection has become the industry leader and Protection Plan provider to owners/operators, managers, and tenants.

Tenant Property Protection Advantages

  • No State Insurance Licensing Required
  • No Errors/Omissions Coverage Needed
  • Earn as Much as You Want
  • Available in All 50 states
  • Replacement Cost – No Deductible
  • 72-hour Claim Target
  • Live, Online training
  • Easy Administration
  • Compatible with Industry Software

Self-storage owners, operators, and managers are encouraged to get ahead of the challenge of a loss from Fire, Water Damage, Burglary, Lightning, Vandalism, Rodents, Wind, Earthquake, Explosion. It is time to offer or update protection for your tenants, save your managers time on claims, and protect your social media reputation. Get Tenant Property Protection TODAY!


Tenant Property Protection (TPP) partners with self-storage operators nationwide to provide protection of tenant goods while maximizing facility revenue. The TPP team has over 65 years of experience in sales/marketing, tenant insurance and Protection Plans for the self-storage industry.  It’s not just better than insurance, it’s smarter. Tenants want to be protected, not insured!