August 3, 2017

The Wave of the Future – Protection Plans!

Protection Wave of the future in Tenant Property Protection Plans

The Wave of the Future – Protection Plans!


In April we displayed at the 2017 ISS World Expo and went in pumped with the prospect that this would be the largest show in ISS history. We were ready to show off our new tradeshow booth, new Case Study video and dynamic new point of sale material, which included the debut of Protection Pete.

Hit Hard – In a Good Way

The talented team from ISS delivered on the huge crowd! Potential customers who stopped by loved Protection Pete on our new posters and brochures. We felt our ad team did a great job and were not too surprised by the response to Pete and the new material.  What was unexpected and did surprise us, however, was the incredible response from Scott Zucker’s legal seminar.  Several people told us he basically said: “Protection Plans are the wave of the future”.  I personally had three straight people came up to me and ask if we were the protection guys and proceeded to tell me what Scott had said in his seminar. The rest of the TPP team had similar conversations and, because of that seminar alone, we signed up triple the customers we expected at the show and are continuing to field inquiries about our Protection Plan weekly.


It’s very exciting to see that the self-storage industry is finally recognizing the advantages and value of having a Protection Plan. Tenant Property Protection IS “the wave of the future” – say goodbye to tenant insurance.


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