May 17, 2017

Sales Materials For Your Tenants From TPP!

Sales materials

They’re here–hot off the presses! TPP’s brand new brochures and posters. Designed to add professionalism and class to your point of sale materials and to stimulate and energize your managers and potential tenants. The brochures are clean, easy to understand and very colorful. When prospective tenants take them home, whether they are shopping you or have just signed up, they stand out and dwarf the competition. Our posters were created to prompt questions from customers about our product and offer a great lead in for managers to put on their sales hat and sell our protection plan. If you haven’t received yours yet, please call TPP @ 877-575-7774 and we will ship them out today! Thanks again for being part of our fast growing family. Tenant Property Protection – It’s not just better than Insurance, it’s smarter!