April 3, 2017

Let’s get back to truth in advertising!


Check out our new ad on pages 46 and 47 of the April 2017 Inside Self-Storage magazine.  Tenant Property Protection is committed to educating self-storage owners, operators and mangers, whether you’re new to the business or seasoned veterans like us.

FACT: Every State requires an insurance license to sell tenant insurance, whether it’s a limited license or a full producers license.

FACT: With an insurance license, you must comply with the regulations of the Department of Insurance in the state you are located.

FACT: States requiring full producer licenses will require self-study or classes to become licensed, licensing fees (every 1-4 years) and, often, even fingerprinting and background checks.

There are some tenant “insurance” providers out there who have mislead or misinformed storage operators by omitting licensing facts. Owner, operators and their managers are then put in the precarious position of being “insurance agents” without having a valid insurance license.

Because Tenant Property Protection is NOT insurance, these hassles are non-existent. It’s not just BETTER than insurance, its SMARTER!

Stop by TPP’s booth, #321 at the ISS World Expo at the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas on Wednesday April 11, 4:30-7:30 pm or on Thursday, April 12 from 1-5 pm.  If we miss you in Las Vegas call us at 877-575-7774 or visit our website tenantpropertyprotection.com.

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