February 9, 2017

Ads for TPP Hit The Newsstands!

Tenant Property Protection (TPP) is excited to announce a NEW, “Challenging Informative” series of ads to hit print and interactive media. These ads challenge the ”status quo” of tenant insurance in the Self Storage industry!

Over the past eight or nine years some of the tenant insurance providers have mislead, misdirected or have flat out lied about what is required to run a tenant insurance program that is compliant with a state’s insurance regulations. This includes :

  • additional time and money needed to obtain licensing
  • errors & omissions coverage
  • possible background checks
  • even fingerprinting.

Tenant Protection plans are a much better alternative!

TPP sets out to help inform and educate and even dispel some of the myths so Owner/Operators can make informed decisions which product provides the best choice for profits for them and protection for tenants.

Check us out today on page 13 in Inside Self Storage Magazine (See www.insideselfstorage.com). Or go to our sites at: